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 Soulful Songs with Spicy Rhythms



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Re-appointed as Jury of the Swiss voice tour 2024

Started her musical career in the UK and performed in clubs like the Stable, Rowleys, Djingles, Zanzibar and the Blitz in Covent Garden, London. With her late husband, Charlie Spiteri, she recorded with the Spiteri Band (GM Records) the combo’s own original material, latin/rock/ jazz crossover.


She brings a distinctive authenticity to her singing, by having lived in the USA, Venezuela and England. Her clear and full voice, her mastery of languages make her a special artist to the public. A great plus is also her knowledge of different styles from Gospel, Soul, RB, Jazz to Caribbean music, Cumbia, Calypso, Samba, Bossa Nova, Salsa. 

Rebecca has played with many bands such as: In England "Painful Laughter" and the "Mill Family", in California with "Spark’n Cinders", in Switzerland  "All that Jazz Quintett",  "The Soul Club", "Metronome Quintett", "Chévere", "Prestige", "Easy Listening Jazz", "Rebecca and the Sophistocats", "Richard Broadnax and the Zion Singers".

DAVID WILDI | guitars

Graduate of the Jazz School St. Gallen / Teaching at several music schools / Live and studio work with various jazz, fusion and rock formations / Own duo, Jazz In Common (git,voc) / Participation in theatre and dance projects / Concert activities in Switzerland and abroad / Performances at international jazz festivals (Lugano) / Various CD recordings and recordings.a. 1998 as rhythm guitarist on Fritz Renold's "Starlight" (with Randy Brecker, Mark Soskin, Christian Jacob, Bill Pierce, Mike Richmond, Danny Gottlieb) and 1999 "Star Crossed Lovers" (among others with Bob Berg and Adam Nussbaum) / appearance with own arrangements at the Saalbau Concerts 2000 in Aarau (among others with Bobby Watson and Adi Yeshaia). Participation in the "Vocal Night" of the same concert series with Buster Williams and Carl Allen, among others) / 2003 release of the debut album WINDSONG (sextet, own compositions, co-production with Radio DRS2,) and subsequent tour / in between concert activity with various formations. 2012 second album THE INNER STAR (quartet, own compositions, co-production with Radio DRS2, Unit Records / Euphonia).


NATASCHA STOHLER | piano & keyboards

Natascha Portrait.jpg

Natascha is a Pianist with roots in jazz and classical music. She completed her studies at the Music Academy of Basel and teaches at the Zurich Conservatory of Music MKZ and at the Basel Music Academy, in the jazz department for piano and theory.


She is a versatile musician who encompasses with equal talent and passion not only conventional jazz and classical chamber music but also interdisciplinary projects with other art forms, such as film music for Hans Richter's "Die neue Wohnung", music for "KlangGang" with the Cathy Sharp Dance Ensemble.


Past projects: Radio production on DRS2 at Hörpunkt, various compositions and accompaniment for readings, films and performing arts.
Natascha joined Becky and the Gents this year and is a true enrichment to the combo.

IMMANUEL WITSCHI | piano, subbing for Natascha Stohler

Immanuel Witschi is an accomplished improviser who developed into jazz through classical training. 


In various big band engagements and master classes in the Zurich area, he has acquired the ability to accompany productions as a bar pianist.


In 2009 he gave his first fully improvised solo concert and then founded his own jazz combo as a trio and a quartet. His first solo CD "First Light" was released in 2015. In 2017 he founded his Latin jazz trio with Ritmo Amarelo.


With Rebecca and the Sophistocats, he performed at music festivals and jazz clubs throughout Switzerland and is still regularly accompanying themed jazz productions.

Fabio on Drums smiling.jpg


Autodidact, "with great affect to Soul-Funk Black music" later studies Jazzschule Luzern & WIAM Winterthur; 30 years of live experience with dozens of band, all styles, Jazz,Blues, Soul, Funk, Rock'n'Roll, Latin, Afro, Reggae, Big Band etc; with always the same "Credo": Time-Keeping & GROOVE !


2012 Week on the scene Masterclass with Jim Payne,

in N.Y.C. 

Masterclass with Bernard Purdie 

Masterclass with Fred Wesley & the New J.B.'s 


Collaboration among others with Bela Balint Trio, Crazy Daze Big Band, Bonnie & the Groove Cats, The Poorboys. Also active as "hotel pianist", Dinner Music. Drum and piano teacher at various music schools.


Peter learnt to play the guitar at the age of 10. As his first band was needing a bass player, he decided to make it his main instrument and studied at Jazz school in Berne and Basel. He then took classes with the star bassist André Buser and soon discovered his preference for Latin music. He learned to play electric upright bass and travelled to Cuba, where he trained with salsa star Feliciano Arango (NG La Banda), among others.


Peter has played in various jazz, Latin jazz and jazz rock formations (including Spooky Fun Connection, fam4, Muladillo and Sounds Good). He occasionally also performed with Pepe Lienhard and Cosimo Lampis and has been involved in various studio productions. He also worked with some rock/pop combos like Soda, Deetown and Billy and the dusty beards. But Salsa music is his all times favourite genre and he has enjoyed playing this style with Limón y Menta, Michi Wipf y su Pandilla, Los Carites and Son de la Suiza.

Fotos:  Lukas Saxer

09.12.2021 | Esse Musicbar



18.3.2024 I KINO Orion, Dübendorf

23.3.2024 I Woman’s Day Celebration (Gemeinsaal Zollikon)

05.4.2024 I SMALLS Jazz Club, New York

12.4.2024 I SMALLS Jazz Club, New York

13.6.2024 I Esse Bar in Winterthur

27.9. – 13.10.2024 I Tour in Kigali, Ruanda


 03.8.2023 | Club Joy Baden

 29.6.2023 | Esse Bar Winterthur

 29.4.2023 | Kobel in Concert

 04.5.2023 | Lebewohlfabrik

 20.9.2023 | Kulturverein Wartsab

31.5.2019 | Ascona Jazz Night

18.10.2021 | Restaurant Waid

26.3.2022 | Schmidechäuer 

10.10.2021 | Jazz Matinée Theater Winterthur

16. & 17.7.2021 | Jazz Festival
Swing in the Wind, Estavayer le Lac

Club zum Rennweg

5.3.2022 | Lorzenhof, Cham

07.11.2021 | Jazz Matinée Theater Winterthur 

27.9.2021 | Gala Dinner Waid

18.10.2021 | Gala Dinner Waid

26.3.2022 | Schmidechäuer 

10.10.2021 | Jazz Matinée Theater Winterthur

16. & 17.7.2021 | Jazz Festival
Swing in the Wind, Estavayer le Lac

07.11.2021 | Jazz Matinée Theater Winterthur 

18.10.2021 | Gala Dinner Waid

26.3.2022 | Schmidechäuer 

10.10.2021 | Jazz Matinée Theater Winterthur

16. & 17.7.2021 | Jazz Festival
Swing in the Wind, Estavayer le Lac



Becky & the Gents | Quintett

That's It - I Quit
Another Day
Higher Ground
I Concentrate On You
50 Ways
Take Me To The River
Use Me

Becky & the Gents | Sextett

Becky & the Gents | Black Coffee

How Deep is the Ocean
Vivo Sonhando
Flor de Lys

Flor de Lys:  recorded with Latincombox


Piano: Natascha Stohler, Bass: René Bernhardsgrütter, Guitar: Stephan Stauffer, Sax: Roberto Biagini, Drums/timbales/Perc: Peter Hellmann, Perc: Sven Eisenhart

Becky & the Gents | Devil may care


Becky & the Gents | River Invitation, Black Coffee

Message from Rebecca


"I am working on my own Album called SUERTE. It was recorded at Steve Winwood's Recording Studio. My first song was masterized on 2.1.2024" 



The Spiteri Brothers - Charlie, my late husband, and his brother Jorge - left Venezuela late 60's, where they were considered the most important Latin Rock Group of their country, to explore London's Rock Scene. I joined them on their journey in 1974.

Here are a few links of their musical achievements in London.

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As a vocal coach I have worked in England, the US, Venezuela and the later years of my career in Switzerland 
with young singing students who are passionate about music and I find this very rewarding.

So This Is Christmas

Someone You Loved


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Past gigs
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